1973 + Rocket activation code...

…does not work. I’m on a Mac G5 and have put the keyfile in the right place - besides the actual plug.

What to do?

Thanks for great plugs by the way. :sunglasses:


Ahhh, crud.

Our key generator has problems with non-US English characters in a name. I’ll manually generate some new keys substituting ‘a’ for ‘ä’ and it should all be good. Check your email in the next few minutes.


EDIT Keys sent

Thanks, Scott! Works like a charm! :sunglasses:

You bastards! Now you made me addicted to the VibeEQ as well. :unamused:

All part of our plan for world domination.

You’re welcome.


This is a bug report. The Vibe EQ loses it’s GUI after a few tweaks in OS X 4.11 - Cubase SX 3.11. Part of the copy protection scheme or merely a flaw? :confused:

Loses its GUI? Can you post a screenshot of what it does? There is NOTHING bad that our plugins should do if not registered, other than display the nag screen at the beginning, and take you to the web site if you click on the nag screen.


Hi Scott!

Nothing to take a screenshot of - it just goes blank (white). The frame is there - everything within the borders goes white!

Cheers - Pär

Oh, ok…

It happens the second time you enter the GUI.

Cheers - Pär

Does it do this reliably? I can’t get it to happen in Logic Express 8.0.2 or DP 6.01 on either PPC running 10.4.11, or Intel running 10.5.6. I don’t have Cubase SX, so I can’t test this here…


Yeah, 100% success rate. I’m sorry… :frowning: