Problem unlocking vibeEq & 1973 Eq

i’ve got a mac OS 01.4.1

nothing change when i put the keyfile in the component directory …
moreover it seems the name i’ve put in the forms cédric as lost the letter é in the keyfile …

Cédric Buron|cedric.buron (at)

So what can i do ???

Cédric Buron


Let me review the orders that came in. It is a known problem in our key generator that it does not work properly with accented characters. If indeed the key did NOT have the é in it, then it should have worked. However, if the name still has the é, the key will probably break and still show as unregistered. If so, I will generate new keys for you immediately. They will, unfortunately, have to use e for é, but that’s the best we can do at the moment.



thanx for the fast answer,

so here it is written in the keyfile

Cdric Buron|[email protected]

it seems there’s no é or e


Updated keys sent. Please let me know if those don’t work.


it’s working now.

Thanx !!!
Cédric Buron