FX Replacement Program!

Ok, say I would like to replace a few of my plug-ins with Stillwell ones. Which would they be?
BBE Sonic Maximizer:I’m kinda bored of the sound, plus the new version is a whole $70 to upgrade from V1. Vibe EQ or 1973?
Waves Renaissance Compressor: Again, I find it to be a touch dated sounding. Major Tom or Rocket?
Waves L2: Time to move on. Event Horizon?

I guess you could say, ‘try the demos’ and I will. But I wanna hear what you guys think. Plus, if no one asked any questions, this forum would look a bit lonely innit? :smiley:

I also have some suggestions. Feel free to mock them.

  1. The Waves vocal compressor with its ‘two switch’ Gate/Compressor combo is just genius. The sound is a bit meh though. Again, it’s been around a while. Would be a decent plug-in and lots of us would pay $$$ for it.
  2. Have a Group Buy for the bundle! I know they are cheap to begin with but you know how cheap we struggling producers are! Especially in this economy! :laughing:

Unless I’m much mistaken, BBE Sonic Maximizer is an enhancer rather than an EQ like VibeEQ or 1973, so they’re not directly comparable. However, if you’ve been using an enhancer to add top end to dull signals, you’ll find that using 1973’s HiShelf instead will give a very different sound, but in some circumstances one you much prefer. As you predicted, I’ll now say ‘try the demos’ :slight_smile:

I’ve not, personally, been a fan of the Renaissance Compressor on the few occasions I’ve tried it, so I’ll reserve judgement on that. I’ve not used the L2 or vocal compressor.

We don’t do bundles because they are a cheat; the ‘bundle’ business model is about making individual products more expensive, not the other way around. Why should we think its acceptable to charge people extra just because they only want / can only afford a small number of our plugins? Seems much farer to just set the absolute lowest price we’re comfortable with, and offer that to everyone.

Well, here goes:

Nothing we have is a direct comparison to the BBE unit, but if you’re looking at 1973 or Vibe to replace it, I’m gonna have to say Vibe EQ. 1973 is a GREAT EQ, but it’s JUST an EQ. Vibe EQ has that extra analog-ish ‘oomph’ that can give you some of what you’re looking for in BBE. Just like the BBE, though…don’t overuse it.

RenComp: Not apples-to-apples here. If you’re looking to match up controlability, I’d have to say The Rocket. If you’re looking for a basic easy-to-use comp, I’d have to say Major Tom. Neither one is going to sound like RenComp…but that’s a good thing, right?

L2: If you’re going to try to squeeze the life out of a signal…stick with L2. It does what it does very well. If you’re looking to tame the peaks on overall signal or you’re looking to put some beef into a snare, then maybe Event Horizon is what the doctor ordered. Event Horizon WILL NOT GET AS LOUD AS L2. It’s not supposed to. I don’t want it to. 'Nuff said.

  1. Always thinking of ideas for new plugs…I’ll throw that into the bin and see what comes out the next time I reach in for an idea.

  2. We understand where you’re coming from, but we have NO good way to try to manage anything like that, nor do we have any real desire to. We’ll keep thinking about it, but to be honest thinking is about ALL that will ever likely happen. Hope you can understand.


And of course, WhiteTie and I have stepped on each other’s answers…he prefers 1973, which is the proper artist’s tool, I prefer Vibe EQ, which is the big bloody crayon for scribbling in big strokes of color.

His answer about bundles/group buys is more polite, but we’re both saying pretty much the same thing, so I’ll just reiterate…

What he said ^^^^



Thanks for the advice guys! I’ve given all the plug-ins a thorough testing and have enjoyed every minute of it! I am pleased to report that all your plug-ins are just phenomenal, not just for the insane amount of value for money, but sheer performance and sound quality. They not only punch above their weight, but are also capable of knocking out some pretty heavy weight competition. :smiley: Just Superb!

On to the replacement program:
BBE Sonic Maximizer vs. 1973 vs. Vibe EQ: Both 1973 and Vibe can do the job. And then some! A ‘maximizer’ is basically a glorified EQ anyway-the bass and treble knobs on the Sonic are just boosting a pre-defined frequency range. Its great for a bit of quick sparkle and shine, but when you need more control, there’ nothing like an EQ. And what an EQ 1973 is. I am simply in LOVE with it! Great for mastering, great for individual tracks, just f’in great!
Result: Draw! Will keep the BBE for quick fixes but will also get the 1973.

Renaissance Compressor vs. Major Tom vs. The Rocket: Both Major Tom and Rocket are classy affairs and get the job done and then some. Intriguingly, I found Transient Monster an even more attractive proposition. Simple and easy to use. Sounds phat! Nice SPL emu guys!
Result: Draw but the Transient Monster parachutes his way into the ring and takes off with the prize!

Waves L2 vs. Event Horizon: The more accomplished I get as a producer, the less I like the sound of the L2. It just kills the attack and makes stuff sound ‘woolen’. Time to move on. Because I work primarily in the dance music field, I would still need something that can things as loud, just not without dulling the sound as much. Again, Event Horizon gives the L2 a bit of a drubbing. Also, with regards to your comment on how Event Horizon wasn’t going to make it as loud as the L2, it really depends on the source material, how well it’s been mixed, its dynamic range, the amount of ‘life’ present in the mix and so on. Event Horizon is an astoundingly transparent and punchy sounding Limiter. Comparing side by side with the L2 (that costs how much?) shows how little there is between them. Don’t believe me? Check out the comparison:
Result: A resounding victory for the Event Horizon.


At the end of the day, I had a hard time believing that the Horizon only cost $39. But that’s irrelevant. It’s not what it costs, it’s what it’s worth, and each and every one of your plug-ins (both Stillwell and Schwa) are worth their weight in gold!

Would be nice to have some manuals (especially for Bad Buss Mojo-very intriguing), even if they are just one page affairs.
Also, values should appear on top of the parameters without right clicking, and I would love the ability to hold down ‘Control’ and make minute adjustments on the knobs without right clicking! :smiley: