Rocket and Vibe Eq


I’ve just bought The Rocket and Vibe Eq and am very impressed with these.

Will there be any further development on these?

Well, we’ll generally be making compatibility fixes as new platforms come out, so in a sense yes, these aren’t fire-and-forget. Since we started releasing plugins, we’ve added Mac OS X AU and Mac OS X VST, as well as x64 Windows VST formats, along with compatibility fixes for several new versions of various host softwares.

As to whether new features will be implemented…that depends on whether we think it’s something that’s worthy of adding to the plugin or whether it’s something that deserves to be in a different plugin altogether. We always have to be careful when adding new features or parameters to a plugin that we don’t break projects that existing users may already have.

So…yes we’ll keep working on them in the general sense, but “it depends” for all else.



Ok thanks for the reply.

I’m seem to remember the possibility of you releasing an SSL type bus compressor. Will this be happening this year?