Merry Christmas to me!

I thought I might as well register here and start lurking. I have a question first though.
I’ve given myself $100.00 to spent on Stillwell plugs for Christmas. So far I love all the demos.
I do a lot of collabs on line - no telling what I might get from who, mostly bass parts and bgvocals.
I use EZDrummer heavily… Reaper is my DAW of choice.
So the question is which 4 plugins would ya’ll say were must-haves.

Hmm…drums and backing vox.

Drums…Rocket’s a must, I’d have to say. Vibe EQ might be a good second choice.

Vocals…Schwa’s CMX is pretty tasty for thick, double-tracked vocal sounds, but it’s easy to apply too much. Be sure to give yourself time away from a mix and listen to it later to see if you still agree with the level.

I could argue for several other plugins…Schwa’s Oligarc for over-the-top drive, chorus, and phaser, Event Horizon for slamming drums and vocals hard (depends on style, really), Major Tom for vocals and some drums, Verbiage for vocal and drum reverb…it does a killer gated verb if you’re into 80s stuff.

Download 'em all, man…that’s why our demos have no limitations. Pick the four you like best and go for it and delete the ones you don’t like. After all…these are MY opinions, but it’s YOUR music.


Thanks Scott - Right now I’m leaning toward MajorTom, Event Horizon, Rocket and CMX or 1973. I put the 1973 demo on my individual drums yesterday and was very impressed. Need to check out Verbiage too though. I want them all of course - but you know… ah - what’s another 25 bucks huh?
I’m a month or so from doing any serious mixing so I might as well download all the demos and play some…