Examples of frequencies to cut/boost ?


i’m quite old in badly mixing but still trying to find the best tool to learn better and make quite good small songs.

After years in Acid, i’ve been using Reaper for two years now (good point !!) and have been quite happy with ReaEq and some good JS plugins.
But i think i’m wasting too much time with finetuning EQ with my bad ears and trying to make complicated EQ for not complicated songs (i think it’s a game and a pleasure for me but well i don’t have enough time to keep on playing with EQ)

I’m in love with White Tie’s designs but i had never tried Stillwell and Schwa’s plugins … I have just tried recently 1973 and VibeEQ and well i think that’s exactly what i need : simple plugins with predefined frequencies and fabulous sound.

The only thing i wanted to know, before trying to play more with them, is if someone has already made some kind of cheat sheets describing all frequencies available in VibeEq or 1973 and to explain the golden rules of what cutting or boosting ? (applied to the coloration of these plugins)

Thanks in advance

it would be nice if there were some presets for mix illiterates like myself , its always great to have a starting point to experiment with.