Any plans for a new EQ plug-in?

hi guys,

just wondering if we can expect a new eq plug-in in the near future. are there any plans? since i am using and loving the 1973 eq it would totally rock to have something like a 1973 on steroids :sunglasses:

here are some features that i think could be useful:

  • bypass switch for every band (asked for this before)
  • a saturation switch or knob (to add some mojo to the otherwise clean 1973)
  • 2 (or more) additional mid bands (with the same 3 q settings as seen on the 1973)
  • hi cut filter
  • maybe selectable hi shelf (8, 10, 12 & 16 khz for example)

would love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for the feedback!

I will say, though, that at least some of the features you’re requesting for 1973 are already present in Vibe EQ.

We’re getting ready to roll out 3.0 (halellujah!) and we can finally get back to working on new plugins…and we DO have stuff in mind.

I’m so freaking pumped! :smiley:


Version 3.0…So glad to hear you talk like that! Your plugs are special Scott. Can’t wait!

Look forward to 3.0

But I also say that an enhanced version of 1973 would be great.
In my opinion, adding at least 1 mid band and offering another option for the hi-shelf (8kHz) gives enough flexibility to make it perfect - it is such a great sounding EQ. I also have VibeEQ, but they have different uses in my setup.

just my 2c.

It’s unlikely that I’ll add another band to 1973…simply because it would probably break every single project out there that currently uses it. Not a great idea, agreed?


Ok so here’s a thought…How about an all-in-one channel strip with a Stillwell comp and EQ (must have the high shelf of the 1973…)? I’m pretty sure I use the 1973’s high shelf on the main buss of every project/job I do…