What I Love About VibeEQ....

…Are Scott’s selection of fixed frequencies.

When I first tried VibeEQ I wasn’t quite sold on it. But now that I have used it thoroughly on a mix on various tracks I am seeing the light. Very cool EQ indeed and very musical choices about which frequencies to include. I especially dig how the frequency knobs overlap each other. This is especially handy if I have one knob/EQ that is working perfectly for a track but am uncertain if I want to boost/cut another band either above or below the first band.

@ Scott…Not that it matters so much, but how narrow/wide is the Q on each knob, and does it vary depending on how little or much a boost/cut is made? And where is the coloration coming from? This plug sounds most excellent on pretty much everything. Nicely done! A new favorite!

The mid filters are fairly wide, with a Q of 0.5. Tone shaping, not surgical EQ.

Glad you’re liking 'em!


Yeah I’m a total VibeEQ convert now. It completely enabled me to get the tone I was after on the stereo acoustic guitar track from the song “Ignatius” I just posted in another thread. Mind you I have some really good sounding EQ’s in my bag o’ tricks by way of the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes plugs as well as a few freebies and some of Logic’s plugs (and I tried all of them as I was looking for the right EQ for that track). But VibeEQ helped the tone of the acoustic to blossom out as I boosted certain frequencies and I was also able to musically carve out other offending frequencies (to make room for the bass, piano, toms, and vocals) without messing up the guitar’s original sound. I know many people probably think of EQs as a way to boost certain frequencies, but I’m every bit as much about cutting them as well and VibeEQ did a most excellent job of it. “Boost to change a sound…Cut to improve it.” VibeEQ is very very cool.