Vibe-EQ: What's the magic ingredient?

Hi Scott

So your website says that stuff just sounds better having gone through this plugin. So I’m trying this out and I have to agree, and to my ears, there’s something a little more than straight-up-and-down EQ going on here. Are there other ingredients, such as harmonic saturation going on with this plug? I appreciate if you don’t want to give away your ideas here, but if I know a bit more about what the plug’s doing, I feel better about using it.

Once again, nice work, thanks for answering my continuous Q’s, and yep, I like this one too.


Yes, there is nonlinearity going on in the plugin…selective harmonics being added in greater or lesser proportion as each band gets boosted or cut more. Think of an old tube EQ with tubes broken in JUST right and just starting to get that certain “oomph” that mysteriously goes away when you put new tubes in…

I don’t mind saying that because there has to be SOMETHING going on, doesn’t there? It is NOT just a plain EQ, and it’s pretty obvious from listening to it. I probably (definitely) wouldn’t want to use it on orchestral material, but when it works, it WORKS!


Thanks Scott. I’m finishing a pop/rock album and this plugin could be useful on this type of genre.


I LOVE this EQ! And Scott, I’m using it on orchestral material. Seriously. Writing a film score at the moment, and I’ve put the Vibe EQ across entire mixes as well as individual tracks of solo cello and piano (samples, BTW). Just fabulous! Provides a sense of warmth and depth while retaining clarity. Kudos!