About the mid range EQ


I tried the 1973 demo, and i really enjoy the high and the low end ! :smiley:
(i Will purchase this plug, And other from stillwell audio soon :wink: )

But i think you can do a better choice for the mid range EQ.
when you just add a litte dB, bad and numeric resonnance do appear :confused:
do you thing a “smooth” version or a smooth knob for the mid range can be usefull ?


There are 6 frequencies to choose from in the mid range EQ. These are pretty standard Mid Range/High Range frequencies found in most EQs. Perhaps boosting one too drastically may be causing this resonance? For eg. boosting a mix too severely between 200-800hz may increase muddiness, while boosting in the true mid range (800-5000Hz) can also cause resonance and ear fatigue. This is not the fault of the 1973 EQ per se. Boosting a frequency too much, no matter what EQ will cause artifacts. The key here is to go easy on the boosts.

I was mixing yesterday and found it hard to use the 1973 for adding midrange as well. I love this plug for shelving and cutting mids, but I agree it can be hard to use for adding mids. Perhaps in future versions there could be a “wide” option on the mids.

The thought has occurred to me… :wink:


This EQ is fantastic… I haven’t heard a digital EQ that is better than this for Rock’n’Roll guitars. The mid range is perfect…

R O C K !