1973 12th Jan. beta


The mid shape control seems a bit “jerky”. Not like the other selectors. It is hard to really know where to press. Perhaps a sweep-able Q control would be better (seamless NARROW to WIDE). Even though this would defeat the ADAPTIVE mode. IMO I didn’t hear how it diverted much from NARROW mode anyway.

Press on the cap of the slider and drag…easy enough.

There will not be a sweepable Q on this plugin, sorry. It doesn’t match with the design concept of the plugin.

The difference between Narrow and Wide or Adaptive is not subtle, as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t hear it any other way, try this: run pink noise through the plugin and play around with the mid controls. You WILL hear a difference.


Amazing… Outstanding… Sir, you just turned a T-Rex into Godzilla.

The Sound:

Bandwidth’s behaviour is just perfect (in Adaptive mode). Now it’s easier to work on specific frequencies by just adding a couple (even less) of dB’s (sideways, that’s the way to go for sonics). Wide mode is that middle setting you go for when narrow and adaptive fails (which is rare but feasible on certain sources)… perfect. It used to be easy to get results with this EQ… now it’s ridiculous fast and accurate: dial in, add a tad: Bam!


I’ve always liked WhiteTie’s work, straight classics, but this time I don’t agree with those knobs. In my opinion they don’t go there (it looks like if they were taken from other unit and placed there, they don’t match with the rest of the design). Though I like the green led on the knobs (it’s easier to look at small changes from across the room :slight_smile: ). The labels for HPF, Low Shelf, Mid Bell and High Shelf look better in the old design (maybe this is only me but I feel they are too ‘white’, maybe those letters would look better if they were darker/greyer, dunno). Talking about those labels, I don’t think they need the filter shape image (imo it clutters). The rest of the changes are beautiful, more defined.

Thanks for these changes/improvements Scott/WhiteTie :smiley:

@voidar: If you can’t hear differences between those 3 modes… try again… and again, put headphones on and try again. Use pink noise as Scott suggested. I can tell you there are HUGE DIFFERENCES between these 3 modes… HUGE :smiley:

Come on now, Mercado…tell us what you REALLY think. :smiley:

Glad you’re liking it. We may have to agree to disagree about the knobs. I like them. I liked the old ones, too…but that doesn’t make either one wrong.


Not at all sir! Not all my ex-girlfriends had beautiful eyes :smiley:

Now seriously, you’ve done a great work here, indeed. I just love it… more than before.

Off-Topic: After some hours discussing with Steindork (Reaper/Vibe-EQ user) and testing Vibe-EQ on some material I finally decided: I’ll purchase it. In my opinion Vibe-EQ is for the 1973 what The Rocket is for The Glue (Cytomic): The Evil Twin Brother :smiling_imp:

Yes, “dragging” the fader seems to work. It is just not how I used to work with the other faders :slight_smile:.

And yes, I better hear the NARROW vs. ADAPTIVE setting now when using a test signal.

The new knobs look pretty “sci-fi”. One could get used to them, and I like the general gritty look. Just an idea; what if the knob-LED wwould indicate the degree of boost/cut via LED intensity? This would probably need some more RAM overhead though for GFX.

Not really 1973 related, but when looking in the beta’s folder I noticed all plugins where dated 12th Jan. Have these been updated to?

There have been code changes to all, and new installers, but no new features on any other plugins, no.


You should still be able to click where the knob WOULD be, and it will jump to that position. There just aren’t any markers to tell you where to click in this case. The controls are all of the same type, so they all behave the same.


Hi Scott.

I’m now loving the 1973. The adaptive shape on the mid is awesome! This is the next plugin I will be buying from you.

When you say there have been code changes for the other plugins, are any of them going to affect the sound?

Nope, just stability-related fixes to deal with some stuff that happens in edge cases.


Yes, it was just a bit confusing at first as you can’t really visually pin-point where to click. Just to be a dick about it ;9.

I was going to suggest just having N, W and A markers, like the frequency markers, but I see the GUI won’t really allow it. So that was a crap idea.

Hey Scott. The newest build seems to have fixed the random crashes. What are all the other builds about? ( vibe,EH,Rocket etc.)

Same stability fixes for multi-threaded / multi-processor operation as 1973. 1973 is the only plugin that had any feature enhancements…so far. :slight_smile:


Since clicking on the control and dragging it is the primary mode of operation and everything else is just extra functionality, it works as designed…just to be a dick about it. :wink:


I’ve got some crack noise on the beginning of the track, where I’ve put a 1973 (nothing with other plug like bad buss).
Crack noise arrive on the first even of the trck. then never again.
" Special trick… I put a even before song start on those tracks.
So at the end, I can bounce the project without noise in the song.
Just have to edit the start later…"
Any one else with that prob, is there a solution other than the special boring trick?

I think this plug in is different then the one I have mine does not have a Q control for the mid band where can I find this up date and will it change the setting of the 1973’s used on previous sessions?

Since the new parameter is at the end of the list, it should not affect current parameters, but that will depend a lot on your host software. I would recommend saving a copy of your current plugin with any archived projects that use it, just in case.

The new versions are coming out VERY soon, so you should probably just wait for formal release at this point.