V2 - Thanks, Scott!

Scott - Thanks so much for the 1973 upgrade!
The new Wide and Adaptive options for the mid band has made me a very happy puppy.
Thanks again for the great customer support, excellent products, and generally giving a damn about what you do. The world needs more people like you.


V2 looks stellar and has way more flexibility. Use it in my 2 bus all the time to open up the high end. It’s a beast!

Is it possible to keep V1 when upgrading to V2 ?
thank you

Depends on your host software, but it’s not recommended to try. Both versions have the same internal ID. If you leave the V2 midrange width at narrow, it’s exactly the same as V1.


I have downloaded the V2 and give a try (home macbook reaper 64b), knobs doesn’t show db values, is it a new design or i miss something ? for me it is important to “watch” the level eq (yes old fashion :wink:
(At studio i use window xp)

I have discover the Bombardier pdf, thank you very helpfull idea, i am going to try it.

V1 did not display the numbers either, but since you are on Windows XP, you may right-click the knobs and the values will show up. You can either type in the value, or drag the controls and watch the value change. Right-click again or press Enter to exit the display mode. Only one control can be in display mode at a time.


Thank you Scott.