Thank you for this

After a lot of fiddling with this plugin, I decided today to purchase 1973… It is simply awesome… I’m far from professional, I record my own stuff just for my fun, but THIS plugin just made my Slate drums sound so much better…

The reason I wanted a plugin like this instead of a normal EQ, is it’s ease of use… You got three knobs, three switches and that’s it! I don’t know what frequencies to tweak in a general EQ to make my Slate toms sound better but, I select one of the toms presets, play withe the knobs a little bit and BOOM my toms are awesome! Same thing for my kick drum!

From now on, it’s going on each of my drum tracks and I know it’s going to sound awesome. Thank you so much for this, it’s the perfect EQ for a noob like me and I’m sure it will be The Rocket’s best buddy on my drums :slight_smile: