Updated Stillwell Betas


All plugins, all platforms: Changes to improve stability in all hosts.

All Mac OS X plugins: Shiny new .dmg installer. Much easier to install now. Download, click (license), click (plugin), drag (to destination shown in installer), enjoy.

1973, all platforms: Midrange bandwidth control. Be careful using on existing projects. The width parameter defaults to the old style (“narrow”), but not all hosts honor the request when loading from existing project.




I’m not too sure where else to post this, but here goes: I downloaded the newest betas and liked he plugs so much I bought 3 of them in 1 shot after a few hours. the problem is that after receiving the keys, I looked at the directory where the files are supposed to be placed in osx 10.6 (in the ‘Components’ folder), and there are no files there? Where do I place my registration keys?


Are you using the VST versions rather than AUs? If so, just put the key file in the VST folder with the plugins. On a mac, there are two places where each plugin could possibly be…one is a system-wide library and the other is a user-specific library.

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components <- System-wide for Audio Units

~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components <- User-specific for Audio Units. ~ is a symbol meaning “your home directory”

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST <- System-wide for VST plugins.

~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST <- User-specific for VST plugins.

The plugins should always be in one of those four locations, depending on what type of plugin they are. Wherever the plugin is, there is where you should put the key file.


Hi Scott,

thank you very much for the prompt reply. Really dumb of me not to look in the root folder instead of the user folder! that solved everything.

love the plugins, keep up the good work!

Any hints to when these guys go main stream? Eager to get the final revamped 1973. :slight_smile:

They’ll be released at the same time as the cough new plug coming out. Very soon.


1973 beta is gone from the beta repository ?
is the adaptive settings included in the 1973 download ?