DP 6.01 on PPC refuses to scan Stillwell AUs -- Solved

PB G4 17" - 1.67 GHz, 2GB Ram, OSX 10.4.10
DP 6.01

DP 6.01 refuses to scan any of the Stillwell AUs (the evaluation copies). I’ve downloaded and tried them all – twice.

I trashed DP’s Audio Unit Into Cache (which usually fixes this kind of behavior) but still no joy.

I have no problems with any other plug-ins.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

I’m running DP 6.01 on a “Sawtooth” G4, 10.4.11 with no issues.

When you downloaded the plugins, what did you uncompress them with? I’ve seen several different third-party tools corrupt the plugins when unzipped. We use the stock Apple compression tool, and recommend that you use the stock Apple tools to uncompress the downloaded files.



They were unzipping with Stuffit Expander. So instead, I saved to disk and double-clicked to unzip them. DP now scans them perfectly.

Thank you!!! (except now I’m not going to get any sleep tonight) :wink: