do i need pluggo???

my mac osx says i need pluggo to run stillwell plugs (it costs more money too). this must be wrong. what to do?

How does your Mac “say” it needs pluggo? We do not and have not used pluggo, Max/MSP, Synthmaker ,or Synthedit for any of our plugin development…we’re straight Objective-C and C++ code.

The only issue I’ve run into on OS X is that some third-party uncompress/unzip utilities have been found to corrupt our plugins when downloading. The stock OS X utility (open with “Archive Utility”) has no such problems…not surprising, since we use the stock Apple tools to compress them.


it says the pluggo.component audio unit could not be found. please install puggo. error code -3099.

it does this for the BOM too

When does it say it (i.e., what do you do to make it say that?)

If you need to, take screenshots and post them to some public service like imageshack or stashbox and post links here in a message.


after i unzip, it opens the file to desk… the icon is the au component icon. when i double click it, that message appears with another saying au scan failed.

Well, that’s just it…you don’t double-click the plugin…that doesn’t do anything you want. Evidently some pluggo utility is on your machine and is set to “Open with” your .component files.

Instead of double-clicking, copy the plugin (the .component file) to either:



/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/components, if you’re not an administrator on your machine.

That’s all you need to do to install them.


its always something stupid simple!! haha! i thought it had to run an installer. human error. it works. thank you!