Digital Performer 8 10.8.2

I was wondering if there was going to be added support for Digital Performer 8 on OS 10.8.2? Rocket functions fine in DP 7.24 - just wondering if this was a known issue and if it was going to be addressed.

Err…what happens in DP8? I was not aware that there was a problem.


Simple: DP 8 is a 64-bit native app and will not load 32-bit plugins.

So… any hope of getting 64-bit versions of these, pretty pretty please? :slight_smile:

Coming up!

I need to contact MOTU to get a copy of DP8 anyway…I’ve always tested against their products before, but I don’t have DP8 yet.


Outstanding, thank you!

For the record, I’m a registered user of Rocket, Major Tom, and Transient Monster. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the updates,

Hi, Scott!

Just hoping there may be news on the DP8 64-bit front soon!

Thanks much!!

I’ve got DP8, so yes, we’re moving forward.


That’s great news.

Looking forward to using Rocket in DP8


I am using Digital Performer 8.02 on OSX 10.8.3. Please hurry as I too want to use Rocket in 64 bit mode (and Bombadier as well).

Chiming in here to request an update. I’m a registered user of Rocket, 1073, and Vibe EQ. I went to the ‘beta’ page (from early 2012!) and downloaded 1073 and Rocket. Both of the plugins cause Digital Performer to hang during the AU Examination sequence. Please provide an update ASAP. I just dropped $100+ on these plugs and would like to see a return on the investment.

I just purchased Rocket Compressor but it will only load in Digital Performer in 32 bit mode.
Is there a version or update that will allow me to run Rocket on 64 bit in DP?

Try this vst3. It works fine on PC:

The VST betas work in DP 8

Working on it now - I’ve got DP8 in-house for testing, so we’ll be sure to test against it. (internal) x64 builds currently working fine in OS X as far as I know.