Problem with The Rocket demo in Digital Performer 6.01

Just reporting an issue I’m having. My configuration is Digital Performer 6.01 + Mac dual G5 PPC + Leopard 10.5.4. I’m aware that some NI instruments are having issues with this combo also.

After I installed the Rocket demo, it passed DP’s AU inspection, but upon instantiating the plug, DP gives me this error dialog:

The plug then loads but any manipulation of the controls does nothing. It also apparently intercepts any keyboard transport commands while it is the frontmost window, as no transport control is possible while this plug-in is in the foreground. Just thought I’d pass this along in case there’s something that can be done. Thank you. :smiley:

Hey, thanks for reporting…I’ve come across this already. Guess I’m gonna have to update to 6 to test…it works fine in 5.13.

I’ll come over and say hello at motunation after a bit.


Hey thanks Scott. You know, it’s hard to say where the problem lies. I’m running a PPC machine with Leopard 10.5.4 and there are issues with a number of plugs, most notably many of the Native Instruments VIs that only come up with this combination of DP 6.01/PPC/Leopard. DP 6.01 with Intel + Leopard doesn’t have problems. DP 6.01 with PPC + Tiger is okay too. It’s hard to tell just what is going on here. I’ve reported it to MOTU to make them aware of it in case that MAS error indicates a problem on their end.


I’m using DP6.01 on an intel mac, OSX 10.5.4.

My problem is a bit different than James’s: The plugin passes validation fine, opens up, interface is active, buttons respond. Just no sound. Nada zilch. If I bypass the plug-in, the sound comes through fine. Engage it, and the audio is muted.

Hey, my compliments btw. Beautiful GUI’s, the plugins (others have not given me a problem) sound really nice, the GUIs are marvelous…

As soon as the rocket rockets I’m on my way to your store.

Cheers and thanks.

Do you have the most recent update? There were several bugfixes in the first day of release.

Anyway, without DP6 to test with, I’m not going to get anywhere, so any further fixes will have to wait until my upgrade copy shows up in a few days (just ordered it from MOTU tonight).


There are two different problems, at least on my MacBookPro.
The error James is reporting happens on mono tracks.
The issue nke reports with no audio unless bypassed occurs on stereo tracks.
Since Scott says it works on 5.13 but not on my 5.13, I assume 6.01 modified some Audio Unit handling that is shared between 5.13 and 6.01. I don’t have a 5.13 only Leopard machine to test this theory on.
Thanks for your work on this Scott!

Regarding The Rocket not outputting audio on a stereo track unless bypassed, the sidechain in the DP effects window must be set to the track the plug is instantiated on, ie plugin on Overheads, sidechain set to Overheads.
Hopefully 6.02 will some this.

…same problem with Oligarch: no audio unless bypassed…

However, the individual components (phaser, drive, chorus) pass sound fine…

Well, the thing that Oligarc and Rocket have in common (and the Oligarc individual components don’t) is the sidechain input. This suggests that Jed might indeed have the answer (good man!), could you try his suggestion please, let us know how you get on?

I just checked Oligarc in DP6.01 and came confirm that it behaves the same way as Rocket( and Major Tom). There is no audio output unless bypassed until a sidechain input is selected(on stereo tracks). One mono tracks, the same MAS error message appears.
It has been suggested that MAS AudioUnit Support Bundle 1.7(installed by 6.01 update) causes the issue and that reverting to an earlier 1.61(installed with DP6) gets things working correctly, but I haven’t been able to confirm that without removing DP6 and reinstalling.

Just got UPS notification that my DP6 upgrade shipped. We’ll nail it down as soon as possible.


Yep. That fixes it…!