Demos Work On OS 10.4.11 PPC?


I have installed the demos for Veribiage and Bombadier on my G5 running OS 10.4.11 but they don’t show up for me in Logic.

Is it because it’s a PPC?


Are you using Logic pro X, the newest version? It will only run plugins that work in 64 bit mode. Stillwells AU plugs run in 32 bit mode only. There are 64 bit betas available for some of the plugs, but not all.

Stillwell has had 64 bit betas in development since 2010. I’m not holding my breath

Logic Pro X won’t run on PPC, so that’s not his problem.

Did you install the AU version or VST? AU is required for Logic. That being said…even if the current version will happen to work in PPC, the next builds will not support it - Apple has removed support for PPC processors from their development tools, and we no longer have any effective way to maintain that code. So if you can get it to run, great…but please don’t expect any further updates for PPC.