Bug: third instance of Spectro not working properly.

I’m fine editing the harmonics in some badly recorded vocal tracks (don’t ask…), and in a third instance of Spectro I can’t create more than one region. The first two are fine and I can create more regions there if I want to.

Other than this problem, which I can workaround by rendering the edited tracks, Spectro is really great tool!

My host is Nuendo 4.22 on XP SP3. Thanks.

Actually, I went to render the first track and found another problem: I have a region that’s there, active, and it’s supposed to be attenuating but it does nothing. Destroying it and creating it again doesn’t work!!

The problem now is will all these regions survive a host restart… we shall see…

My guess is that the timeline information got out of sync somehow, maybe by the source item being moved, or maybe just by Spectro being confused. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself by restarting the project.

Well I gave up on the third instance, but restarting the project solved the second problem.

BTW: I’d really love to see Spectro having a larger screen than it does.

Again, GREAT tool!!