BR?: regions doubling in Tracktion (fixed)


I’ve been trialing spectro - great work!! I may have found a bug or incompatibility.

I use Tracktion on Windows XP.

When opening an edit (that had been previously saved with some spectro plugs) I get a
doubling of spectro regions. So if I saved the edit last time with a spectro with 4 regions, next time I open the edit, I have 8 regions (the same 4 but (sometimes) slightly offset). Simarly, if I load an fxp file to the plug, it loads the regions in the fxp file
on top of the ones already present in the plug instance.

So my workaround at the moment is, save fxp’s with the correct number of regions for each instance of spectro in each edit, then whenever I open the edit, hold-reset all spectro plugs (delete all regions), then load correct fxp’s for each.

Does that make sense? Anyone else have this prob in Tracktion or any other host?


Hi, thanks for the report. I haven’t seen this in other hosts, but I haven’t specifically tested Tracktion. I’ll test it this morning. If Tracktion is doing what I think it’s doing, it should be easy to handle with a minor change to Spectro’s code.

I think I’ve got the Tracktion double-load problem fixed. Would you be willing to give this build a try? If it works as expected, I’ll release it as a new version. Thanks!

Will do, and report back.

Thats a big green light schwa. Definately fixed and behaving properly now. Good lord if it was always this easy! Hey, can you please go and work for Mackie ??! :unamused:


OH - but now it doesn’t seem to be reporting it’s latency to Tracktion at all. Fairly sure of this. Will keep testing.


The latency thing is fixed (that was a temporary side effect of the fact that I’m in the middle of porting this plugin to OSX AU format just now). I’ve released a new version of Spectro with the preset double-load problem fixed.

You can install the download right over your current version (if you have a license, it will still work). Thanks for pointing out the problem!

Check, all good now. Happy to help!


any hope of seeing any of your plugins converted to a usable format for osx? Hoping…

Actually yes. gsbe, drop me a line at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com, if you want to beta test VST and AU versions.