respect to spectro

spectro will be a tool that will be used in probably all of my projects henceforth. I think the other plugins on this site are great, wonderful tools – but spectro is what ive needed for a LONG time.

thank you schwa, and thanks scott for hosting his plugins as well as your own.

here is my advertisement for spectro:

this is my very first attempt while demoing the trial version. It shows the dramatic results that can be achieved even just messing around for the first time

metronome in


metronome mostly out


and as far as cpu, it takes about 8-10 cpu ON THE SLOW (non sse) build. On my athlon xp 1.8

so the “slow” version isnt very slow at all. Its quite efficient. And i hear schwa is even working on making that even better.

and considering that i really doubt ill have more than one spectro open at the same time, this is wonderful.

So I got a liscence.


thanks schwa for your :ugeek: hard work

Just wanna say I’ve just purchased my Spectro for Reaper licence.

This is the single most useful plug-in ever for vocals. :sunglasses: Man, it makes taking out those gasps and wheezes so easy and enjoyable.

Thanks guys! :smiley: