v1.01.04 not recalling in Nuendo 4 on Vista 64

Running Nuendo 4 in 32 bit mode on Vista 64.
The latest release of 32 bit Spectro does not recall any of its data when the project is reloaded.
The previous version works perfectly.
The official 64 bit version does appear to work perfectly in a 64 bit Cubase.


Sorry for the trouble. Could you kindly try the Spectro 1.02 installer at downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … nstall.exe to see if it fixes the problem?

That does it!
Fast work there. :slight_smile:

Spectro 1.02 is now the official release download (no longer under “beta”).

Last weekend I’ve run into the same problem (using REAPER on Windows XP Pro x86). So I checked the website to see if there were any updates, and it said “Updated: v1.01.04, 22 March 2009 (easier editing of long regions, Sonar fix).”. I was already running 1.1.4, so I figured there was no newer version. Fortunately I still had the REAPER 2.x special version that did work, so I used that one instead. But if you guys have a minute, perhaps you should update the Spectro webpage to prevent confusion. :wink:

I’ve lived with this problem for ages assuming it wasn’t fixed because version # on the website never changed. In fact some of my rendered work with the Spectro edits missing made it to commercial release because the problem wasn’t noticed. As a result I stopped using Spectro altogether. I just reopened an old project that used it and noticed this problem and was going to post in the forum about it when I found this post. I just updated to find the problem fixed and the version # on the GUI updated.