Bug? (and some suggestions)

I do not know if this is a bug, but, when the active region extends beyond the current view, and the start time or end time of the active region is moved, the other time automatically snaps to the current view timeframe. For example, if the active region is 8 seconds long, starting at 0:02, ending at 0:10, zoom in to look at time 0:00 to 0:04, move start time to 0:00, the end time will automatically snap to 0:04, intead of remaining at 0:10. It’s rather cumbersome when working with long segments of audio. It would be really nice to be able to lock a region’s times and frequencies.

Spectro is already a very powerful tool, and I am quite happy with it’s abilities. If possible here are a few other things that I think would be great additions to Spectro (in order of preference):
all mute/bypass button
cycle through active regions using up/down key
ability to type in frequency and time values
draw gain line within an active region

I’m experiencing the exact same problems with Spectro 1.12 and Reaper.
Working on a 30 Min. audiofile and it drove me nuts, start-endtimes always moving (sorry for rant).

Please, an option to lock regions.

Very good idea


Are the moving regions a bug or intended behaviour?
Can we expect a change on this?

This is a bug, thanks for the detailed description. I will try to put out a fix in the next couple of days.


Just released Spectro 1.01.04, which should retain long edit regions when you move one corner (though moving the entire region will still force it to fit onto the visible screen). There’s also a compatibility fix for Sonar 8.

Thanks for your patience!