Spectro and Amadeus Pro

Has anybody tried Amadeus Pro as a host? Both the VST and AU flavours of Spectro launch but then do nothing. I can adjust the Brightness up and down, the Reset button seems to work, and I can draw regions. That’s all. No spectral display appears in the timeline.

I’ve also tried Peak LE 4 but (perhaps not surprisingly) Spectro won’t work in it either (same results as with Amadeus Pro). Deck 3.5 doesn’t recognise it all.

I have a recent Intel Mac running 10.5.5

Spectro depends on getting timeline information from the host … I haven’t tried Amadeus, but I know that some audio editors (for example Wavosaur, and older versions of Audition) don’t send timeline information to plugins, so Spectro can’t draw anything (because even if you did draw a region, there’s no way for Spectro to know when to apply that region). It’s likely that’s the problem with Amadeus too.