bomb purchace

I bought and downloaded the “Key” for Bomb, but can’t get it to show. I’m on a MAC, dual 2.5, OSX 10.5.8, Cubase 5.1.1
I’ve bought and used Maj Tom and vibe eq.

When I start Cubase I don’t see Bomb. I’ve redownload, dragged to the desktop, renamed // I’ve double-clicked, saved as new file with a new name (getting rid of .txt) // I’ve double-clicked, saved to desktop without changing the name, then renamed on the desktop…and an couple of other routines…
I’ve updated plugin info in Cubase

…can’t get Cubase to see it…in any path…tried all the different locations I know of that are relevant.


First off, do you mean that Bombardier doesn’t show up in Cubase, or do you mean that it shows up as unregistered?

What was your order number?

Did you follow the instructions here? I paid for the plugins, how do I make them registered?

Let me know…I’m not sure from what you’ve written what the actual problem is…


Bomb doesn’t show at all in Cubase

Or.Num: STI100530-7512-89101

I’ve followed the instruction a number of time with variations in how I saved or edited the file name, but ultimately just getting rid of the .txt. I’ve bought, “installed” “registered” and used Maj Tome and the vibe-eq. Is there anything different about this besides the “.txt” thing? I don’ts recall doing it.


For the moment, don’t worry about the “.txt thing”…that only affects the key file and whether the plugin shows as registered or not. Let’s focus on the first problem…the plugin not showing up at all. Once that’s dealt with, we can look at the registration info.

When you download the plugin, you get a .dmg file, right? When that file downloads, does it automatically open up?

I skipped a step. The dmg didn’t open automatically and I reglected to put it in the VST folder myself. Its there now and running.
Sorry for the hassle…


Hey, no problem…glad we got it sorted.

Thanks for the order!!!