I used 1973 on pretty much anything that needed eq, and Verbiage is the only reverb on this track. Transient Monster, Event Horizon and Electric Fence are also present here. Hope y’all enjoy!’.mp3

It’s really not exactly complete, we want gospel style backing vocals - ala The Black Crowes “Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” album. Perhaps also some percussion.

[i:f05c4]Thanks a million for the hard work Scott! [b:f05c4]Morry loves you!!![/b:f05c4]



I’m afraid of Morays… :wink:


An update, in case anyone cares. No percussion, but we added some harmony vox, and the bass sound is a lot better now.

Check the link in the first post.

I heard the update a long time ago, but forgot to post here…


Go, Morry!!!