Which Compressor

I was just reading both the details on the Rocket and Bombardier, and I am wondering which one is more suited to side chaining and giving a hard pumping effect in my tracks.

I am uncertain due to the fact the Rocket has a very fast attack time, yet Bombardier seems to have a zero attack time (Bomb mode)

Which do ppl recommend , I will demo both as well :slight_smile: Thanks.

If you’re wanting to use compression as an effect (which it sounds like you do…), then Rocket is probably going to be your first choice.

Bombardier in Bomb mode can do some of the things that Rocket does, but it’s still more subtle and transparent than Rocket is in most cases.

My opinion, of course…the demo versions are out there for a reason…try both and see which you like better…who knows, it might be Bombardier!


I went with the rocket in the end, tried it out and love it tbh, just bought it, speeds on the attack and release set it aside tbh, Gonna get a lot of use not just for S/C’ing tbh, very 1176 esque.

Thanks :smiley: