Next purchase: Bombardier or EventHorizon

Hello, I’m confused between those two plugins. I like both but I don’t know what usage they’ve. Both can be bus/master RMS compressor and transparent limiter, ok… so what? :smiley: Which do you consider more useful to buy it in first place? Where do you use them and how? (I know I must read about RMS compression, because I don’t catch its main point)

Hi, I’m demo’ing them both using the Bombardier first and the Event Horizon last on my master buss with great results

Event Horizon is great, but one thing it is NOT is a traditional compressor. Limiting and/or Clipping is ALL that it does.

Bombardier is a GREAT compressor, but one thing it does not do is brickwall limiting.

You’re comparing apples and oranges…which one you want/need depends on WHAT you want/need.