VST3 authorization issues

I have 4 different Stillwell plugins with Reaper-only licenses and no issues using the VST plugins. The authorizations work just fine for them, but when I try using the VST3 versions, I get messages on all of them saying they are not authorized. I moved the keys into the Common Files/VST3 directory with the VST3 plugins and restarted Reaper, but continue to get the authorization issue on them.

There’s a known issue with REAPER-only licenses and VST3 (REAPER didn’t have VST3 when we released our version, so we couldn’t test)…

I have a way to get you fixed up…please open a support ticket from the link on the main website or by sending email to support at stillwellaudio dot com.



I have the same issue with Ableton Live 10, when I drop a VST3 (Olga - latest version), it crashes immediately. Any idea what’s going on? Thank you!

I suspect it’s an issue in Live 10, but as I said above, we have a beta that you can try. File a support ticket and we’ll get you hooked up with that.

I also have a problem with VST3 in studio one 4.
Moving the knobs don’t change the sound, like it is bypass.