The Rocket VST 3 in Ableton

Trying to use The Rocket as a VST3 in Ableton (64 bit). It either doesn’t process or pass through audio (i.e., plugins work fine on a channel until I add The Rocket and then audio stops) or it crashes Ableton completely when instantiated.

Interestingly, using the standard Ableton SC works…

I switched to VST2 and it seems to work fine.

VST3 seems work fine in Cubase 11.

anything I can do to fix?

Open a support ticket at - I have an updated Beta build I can send you a link to that may help. If it doesn’t, I know that our next build coming out should be even better although it’s not available at the moment (working through all of the plugins one by one getting them migrated to new codebase). VST3 in Live (Live is the DAW, Ableton is the company) has been problematic since day one.