Vibe-EQ Failed Validation


I just purchased the Vibe-EQ. I downloaded the component and my .key, then placed them in my AU components folder. I’m running logic 8 on an iMac with the latest version of Snow Leopard. I received this error message while trying to validate the plugin…

ERROR: Changing max frames property did not fire off a property changed notification

    • FAIL

I’m not sure what to do from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Download the beta version linked on the front page of the website in the news section. It works with Snow Leopard just fine.

We provide uncrippled demos exactly so this doesn’t happen. We’re glad you bought a license, but we really do want people to try the software before buying it.



Thanks a bunch. I usually pride myself on my attention to detail…but in this case I was a bit quick to jump directly to the first download page I found for the Vibe-EQ. Your quick response is very appreciated, thank you.

I just found out about the plugin a few months ago, and had the opportunity to experiment with it just a few weeks ago in a small studio in Brooklyn. The thing I love most about the Vibe, aside from the fabulous sound, is that there is not a graphic display. It makes you use your ears! Graphical displays, for whatever reason, mess with my ears because they fool me into believing I’m doing too much or too little with the sound.

I love how I can nudge the gain and sweep the frequencies till I hear the right sound. And while the plugin is known for its “Vibe,” it does subtle extremely well too…it’s very easy to add a perfect amount of “air” to vocals. My ears are loving it.