Vaklidation Fail

Hi ,

Just bought Event , the key file is well named , and seems ok , but in AU manager I have the folllowing message :

" ERROR: Changing max frames property did not fire off a property changed notification

    • FAIL"

I can use the plugin , but it is shown as “incompatible” though …

Anything to do to change this status ?



Yes. Use the betas that are compatible with snow leopard, as shown on the front page of the website. The release versions are being updated soon, just trying to track down some VST weirdness in them at the moment. Haven’t had any real reports of anything wrong with the AU betas.



Hi ,
i missed this part , but when i’m done with beta version install , I still have the same error message …

did I miss something else ?

You must have…I KNOW that the AUs pass validation in Snow Leopard.

Make sure that you don’t have multiple copies of the plugin in more than one place, like in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/components and /library/audio/plug-ins/components. Generally put your plugins in one place or the other, not both.