Verbiage popping sounds when idle and during/after playback

I’m a Cubase 5 user on Windows XP 32-bit and I’m having a noise issue with Verbiage.

When I have the plugin as a send for a vocal track, I will often get “pip and pop” noises, as well as tiny click sounds, after playback while the plugin is idle, as well as just randomly when working on a project. These sounds are ALSO present during the playback of the particular part, and continue after I stop playback. I have wiped out all plugins on my project, as well as saved and restarted, and tried a new instance of the plugin. The problem remains even after turning the plugin on and off.

Do you know of any particular reason why this is happening? Have you made an update to fix this?

I love your plugins and they are used on almost all of my projects. I would hate to not be able to use it anymore because of this issue.



Don’t know offhand why it would be doing it, but I will check it out. Please note the stickied post at the top of this forum and file a support incident as requested there, a separate ticket for each problem you’ve reported here.


This will be fixed in future updates?

Of course we will - if we can reproduce it, we can kill it. I will have to say though that we don’t have Cubase to test with - can you reproduce the problem in any other host, or is it specific to Cubase? I’ve certainly never encountered it myself.


It not is specific host problem, is present in every host i have used.
You can not reproduce?
After some time emit a spike like truncated sample sound with descending level.
We hope you find the arcane, because I love this reverb-algorithm.