Transient Monster Extreme Clipping

I’m a Cubase 5 user on Windows XP 32-bit and I’m having a clipping issue with Transient Monster.

When I have the plugin on my drum track, I will get extreme clipping at anywhere from +3 to +13dB on some hits, while others are well below clipping level. I have wiped out all plugins on my project, as well as saved and restarted, and tried a new instance of the plugin.

Do you know of any particular reason why this is happening? Have you made an update to fix this?

I love your plugins and they are used on almost all of my projects. I would hate to not be able to use it anymore because of this issue.



If there is a sufficiently large transient after a long-ish period of silence, that can cause a large jump in gain…it’s just the way the plugin works. I do cap the gain at a maximum of, I think it’s 16 dB, but I’d have to check.

I’ll see if I can think of a more “intelligent” way of processing transients, but that may involve adding lookahead/latency, which I am really loath to do.


Has there been any more work done on this problem with the plug?

I love the plug and what it does, but I don’t think that leaving it in its current state is acceptable. It hurts my ears to get a snare strike that’s +15db louder than the rest of the mix in my headphones all of the sudden.

And running it through my monitors, I also worry about blowing a tweeter or driver when one of these hugely clipped signals comes along. At the very least, it’s painful to the ears and startles the heck out of me.

Again, I love the plug and what it can do for a drum mix. But this really seems to me like something that should be fixed before the plug is considered ready for game time.

And if it’s not going to be fixed, does anyone have any workarounds they’d be willing to share? I don’t use it in real time unless I have to, but even then there can be a few of these huge transients showing up in a render. It would be wonderful to be able to just leave the thing on and let it do its magic on the drums without having to randomly change where the Play cursor goes to avoid a huge SMACK.

All of this I say with the utmost respect, I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

for a fix, follow it with something like event horizon…a brickwall limiter.


That actually makes a lot of sense, thank you. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

I’ll try it and see how it goes. But does this mean that no further fixes will be done to the plug?

Thank you again for the idea and your plugs, they are amazing.

No, that doesn’t mean that no further fixes are coming…of course I want it to be better. I am however in the middle of some more development work and don’t have an idea in mind of HOW to fix it without ruining something else. The “problem” is a natural artifact of how the plugin works. If I make it less responsive to large jumps in volume…then it will be less responsive to large jumps in volume…which means the attack is pretty much useless.

If it were easy I already would have fixed it.


No offense intended, my apologies if I was out of line.

No problem, man…just explaining what’s going on on this side of the fence…I know you guys can’t tell what’s happening, and it’s easy to assume that no word = nothing will happen. Just lettin’ you know that’s not the case.



At this point I’m very frustrated there is still no fix.

I have a limiter after the plug and it still SOUNDS strange. I have my transient monster a place in the processing chain where it benefits most from the other plugins; I don’t want to have to use a limiter to tame this plugin, nor should I have to. No other transient designer plugin on the market has this issue, and I WANT TO USE your plugin; I like the way it sounds.

Why not just put the ceiling of the plugin at -.01 dB? What is the benefit of it being able to go any higher? if you need it louder than 0dB, raise the fader…