Verbiage and RevalverMKII problem


just about to be much impressed from these plugins just like nearly all I saw talking about in various forums. Now I tried Verbiage for the first time, and loaded it inside the ampsim RevalverMKII. It immediately crashes revalver.

Now Verbiage is not the only plugin causing difficulties in this ampsim which can load vsts, but I just wanted to ask if there was something i could do. (little other example - loading QuantumFX2 - plugins into Revalver doesn’t immediately crash the ampsim, but as soon as I switch to another chain of fx I use, the program crashes too.)
(My QuantumFX2-bug wasn’t solved within a year by Alienconnections by the way, I got a “some plugins are incompatible with others” mail though, meaning the vst-standard wasn’t so clear that every plugin would work within Revalver).

Question is just relevant for making “unusual” sounds, because I could of course just load the ampsim, followed by Verbiage in the fx-chain of Reaper, thus outside of Revalver (that works fine). Or use another ampsim in Reaper. But sometimes it is fun to try out what a reverb in the middle of the chain would give you (maybe crap-sound most of the time, but anyway, trying out is fine,-)

Just tried loading 1973 into it, and it does NOT crash revalver. Well…Just thought I’d mention it. (I am new, so these are the demo-versions). Loading Schwa’s oligarc chorus (non SSE-version for my old Athlon) inside Revalver give me a “this is not a vst-plugin” message.

edit: Verbiage runs fine here in Reaper (of course:-)) and EnergyXT1.4, but crashes Orion Platinum whenever I load it.

Hi, thanks for the report. I have a good guess as to why this is happening, would you be able to do us the favor of downloading this tracer plugin and loading it into Revalver? …

That plugin will write a trace log to C:\IPlugLog.txt … if you could then email that log to schwa at stillwellaudio dot com, it will help us fix it.


Will do, with additional information about my PC (just in case processor or whatever would have to do with it). edit: File sent:-)

Thanks very much! It’s very helpful. Unfortunately I think this is something Revalver needs to fix on their side. I’ll see if I can get them to help us out.

Unfortunately my bug-reports concerning another plugin couldn’t be solved by Alienconnections within a year.
I guess they were very busy, as now Alienconnections is “taken over” by peavey, and they released an “mkIII” version of the ampsim recently.

Anyway, if I decide for Verbiage between those overwhelmingly great plugins you both have, I can use Verbiage with any ampsim, just not somewhere in the middle of a chain (which might be, after all, not the most musical idea for a reverb anyway;-). But sometimes it is fun trying things out.