Switch between MAC and PC


My setup for making music includes a PC at home, and a MAC Laptop, with Cubase 5 running on both. I downloaded and installed Rocket on both machines. I usually switch between the 2 machines without any problems. However, with rocket, it installs the plugin as “Rocket VST” on MAC and “Rocket” on the PC. When I try to load the song on the MAC it tells me that it cannot find “Rocket VST”. I even tried to rename the plugin after install on the PC to “Rocket”, but even then it says that it cannot be found.

My requirement is such that I always have to start the songs at home, and then continue work on the road, so I need the plugins to be opened seamlessly between the 2 machines. All other plugins that I have installed (Waves, PSP, etc) dont show this problem.

Any ideas?

What host software are you using?


I’m using cubase 5.

Both Mac and PC VST versions both use the same VST ID, which is what Steinberg TELLS us identifies a plugin…

You should, however, be able to rename the Mac version to rocket.vst, or the PC version to rocketvst.dll (but don’t do both). Either way, that should get you going until I can get a permanent fix. You may have to force cubase to re-scan the plugins after doing this, to make sure it realizes that the plugin filename has changed.

Rename the file on whichever end will cause you the least amount of pain, because it will break existing projects on whichever side you rename it on…but will prevent the problem in future projects.

I am working on a way to try to fix this problem, but I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner, in that whatever I do to fix the problem will make someone ELSE have problems.