Cubase Le4 Not Recognizing the Rocket

Hi. After reading many great things about this compressor, I purchased it almost impulsively. However, she doesn’t seem to work!! My OS is Windows 7 64 bit, and my DAW is Cubase LE4 version 4.1.3. I’ve made sure that the key file doesn’t have any .txt extensions, and I downloaded the 64 bit .dll file, also making sure that it isn’t compressed. I’ve placed both files in the appropriate Cubase folder, yet when I boot up Cubase the Rocket is nowhere to be found in my vst list. After spending the past hour trying to figure this out, I’ve finally given up. Any ideas??

Okay. I just figured it out. The problem was that I had to manually assign the .dll file to “open with” Cubase LE4. That is, right click the file, select “open with” and choose CubaseLE4.exe. Pretty strange, but now it works. Thanks to Scott for the quick replies.