Ive purchased the rocket compressor, got the .key file, registration email etc…I’ve place the file in my vst folder with the rocket, and in both my sequencers (pc sequioa 10, tracktion 3) the plugin is showing as unregistered (count back for 8 secs)

Can you ofer any advice to get the plug registered,
Many thanks


Be sure that the file is really named 47225-ROCK.key (not .key.txt or anything else).

Make sure that you don’t accidentally have two folders with the Rocket in it…it might be loading from a different folder than you think it is.

If you can open the .key file in notepad (BE VERY SURE YOU DON’T MODIFY ANYTHING OR SAVE THE FILE), it should look like:

registered name|email address|verylongstringofgobbledygook

If there’s anything else there, you saved the wrong attachment from your receipt email.

If you can’t sort it out, send me an email at scott at stillwellaudio dot com with your order number and a copy of the .key file.


Ah cheers for that! My email client decided to remove the .key. However this is probably the best compressor I have heard in VST format ever. One of about four that I would consider to be of a ‘Hardware’ standard. Bloody impressive to say the least, thankyou! Psycho dither is more appropriate in most cases than pow-r, definitely needs to be in use by more ME’s, I will be purchasing soon.