Sorry, another registration problem

First post here !
I bought Rocket and 1973 a few days ago.
Both are great plugins and sounds killer !

But I’ve got a registration problem.
I think I’ve done everything right, put the 2 .key files where the .dll are.
Then, when I load the plugin it’s still like not registered.
There’s a “é” on my family name, maybe that’s the issue.

I’m on Cubase Studio 5, Windows XP Pro
Order ref : STI100507-8835-74101

Thanks you guys,
(and sorry for my english ! :blush: I’m from France)

I will look that up and get it fixed as soon as I can today. You are correct that the accented character will cause a problem with the key file.



Thanks a lot Scott !
And take your time, it’s not that painfull to wait a few seconds when loading a plugin (but yeah, it will be better without :smiley: ).

Done. New order number is STI100512-6361-64101, you should receive the key files in just a moment.


Hi Scott,
Everything is ok now and works perfectly !
Thanks again,