Super Saw sound

Just wondering if anyone has been able to get a good JP Super Saw type sound, I have to admit that I have resorted to using SuperWave P8 cause I just can’t seem to get my head around this one :frowning:

Detune both oscillators and use U8 voice mode (unison 8). Was it that hard? :smiley: Still, it’s only monophonic, but it works, hey :smiley:

IMO the supersaw sound is the product of many detuned static oscillators. Its a useful sound, but Olga’s oscillators are very far from static …wrong synth for the job, I’d say. You can test this yourself by saving a simple preset with only oscillator 2 (set to saw obviously), then loading up several Olgas with the preset and detuning them against each other. Apply MIDI and play; its a very nice sound, but the more Olgas you add the further away you are going to get from the consistent plastic-like ‘wall of saw’ you’re looking for, it’ll sound rich and complex instead.

P8 is a great synth for that sound, you’re not going to get Olga’s filter but perhaps that’s OK on this occasion?

You may have some success using Olga with the chorus and its ‘rate’ set to zero. Tweak the ‘delay’ and ‘spread’ and see how you get on.

Hm, I beg to differ. Supersaw is all about detuning and phasing to get a fatter sound (be it static or dynamic oscillators), so I think OLGA can do it, but monophonically in U8 mode. Sounds good to me.

ah ha, thanks guys

yes P8 is giving me pretty much the sound and range that I was looking for. what I didn’t explain in my initial request is that I am busy moving a tune from Reason to Reaper. in the original reason track I am using a reason combinator (bunch of synths and effects bundled into a container to act as 1) which allowed me to span from somewhere down near c0 up to about c5-6 without having to adjust anything,

what I was experiencing with olga is that I can get a patch sounding pretty good down in the lower octaves but when I jump up a couple of octave then the patch was sounding crap! the inverse also applied, obviously else that would have been where to start.

of course olga doesn’t have the delays and such that some other synths offer (actually why I quite love her) but I have now ported about 4 tracks to reaper from reason and most of the sounds I am getting fair approximations just using olga and where necessary some effects such as reverb, delays and eq of course.

but I have to say, thanks to EvilDragon, am now a lot closer to what I am looking for. not quite there yet, my tops are sounding too piano and the bass end is also a bit off but am at least getting the octave range closer to what I am looking for.

oh it does of course also help in choosing which oscillator I chose for top and bottom, using osc1 pitch at -12 and osc2 pitched at +12 is getting closer, setting them the other way around was just sounding crap at lower end. suppose if I understood the manual and paid attention to it, I might have known this :smiley: dolt!