Some ideas for new versions of OLGA!

Let’s see what do you think about these:

  1. smoother and faster pitchbend
  2. MUCH smoother filter cutoff (I can still hear the steps when on high resonance and sweeping the cutoff up-down manually)
  3. version 2 of OLGA should be in hardware! :smiley:
  4. Tempo knob (for hosts which don’t sent tempo info) and a momentary switch Tap Tempo (MIDI-learnable) for live on-the-fly tempo sync change (useful for hosts such as V-Machine)

There’s more to come. My brain is now too tired to think of some more.

In that regard, let’s make this a general “feature wanted” thread.

+1 to a hardware version! with knocks and dents and all that rusty goodness!

Oh the possible feature requests are legion, arps, delays, reverbs and such, and yet…somehow, I want a hardware synth!

Oh, I would like OLGA to have CONTINUOUSLY running oscillators for all voices, so that there’s no silent gaps when patches change!

Also, a polyphonic unison mode!

Anyone reading my posts at all? ;_;

Of course! Schwa is extremely busy at the moment so a few technical questions may be pending. I could give you answers to them, but they would almost certainly be wrong answers :slight_smile:

We have no plans for a new version of Olga (in respect of adding new features) any time soon. When developing Olga we were EXTREMELY mindful that more features means more complexity, so it was a constant battle to keep the feature set taught and purposeful. Everyone involved had their own version of ‘exactly this feature set, but with one more thing’ and I suspect most users do too. Its a very tricky balancing act, I’m sure you understand. Obviously the solution would be some kind of Olga Modular, which I’m sure would be very popular …but that would be an enormous project, so it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

I like where this thread is going… :smiley:

to be honest, I would prefer a new synth from schwa

I have been thinking about what could be added (as per my earlier post - the additions are potentially legion) but what really appeals to me about olga is that she is such an elegantly simple machine. After all there are hundreds (at least) of decent to excellent sounding soft synths out there. Some way over priced and some way under priced (but that is another debate).

What I love about olga in say stark contrast to Thor or Albino or those sorts of “evolving pad - soundscape beasts” is that there are not a million routing options and and and and…one of the reasons that I have “abandoned” Reason in favour of Reaper and Thor (and modular synthesis in general) for olga is that I don’t spend 3 days “perfecting” a patch and not finishing a loop or a song or whatever.

Though there is one small feature request that I would like to see. Some sort of “pseudo-hack” patch handling on the olga interface. Was thinking that it could be done via a piece of “note paper clutter”. Perhaps that same piece of note paper could give feedback on other parameters that are being tweaked?

I know that unison filters, arps, “trance gates” and such are all the rage (so to speak) but hey look at her, she is a no frills kinda gal

i´d love a midi learn function!
the cc-numbers doesn´t match to my controler (and probably most controlers - i´m using a hardware-virusA to send cc), so it would be great to change them by user!

This wouldn’t be a bad idea. Any chance of making this happen?