First impression: Very nice synth

Olga has a really cool sound, gritty but beautiful!

I’d have to suggestions which seem important to me for more expressiveness:

  • better parameter smoothing for output volume to avoid zipper noise when using an expression pedal

  • is there an input volume for both oscillators together? haven’t found it yet…would be very useful to have for expression pedal control of input gain.

  • aftertouch as a mod source. expression heaven: poly aftertouch, expecially modulating osc tune and LP filter cutoff frequency. new keyboards that support poly AT are: the forthcoming VAX77 and fender rhodes mark7 AM.

thanks for this synth. i really thought i don’t want another synth, but now i am reconsidering…


Well, I’d suggest to add a “translate” button, just near the interface switches. Some stickers to understand those russian characters would help a lot. At least, the controls are labeled in english when switching from graphics to host controls list.

Hello wikter - can I encourage you to read, on the second page of the manual, the very last paragraph… you may find enlightenment :wink: Enjoy!

Actually, I’m pretty keen on aftertouch as well. It’s one of the main reasons I’m holding out on Olga. (btw, I just compared it to MoPHo and it did wonderfully!) That and when you click to see the English lables they’re still barely readable. Couldn’t this get changed to something that looks like it came out of an old school labler? (here’s an example: … lya-ft.jpg)