Olga as emulated hardware

if you had a small midi controller that had 6 assignable CCs (in whatever sensor form: rotary knob, linear slider, infrared distance sensor, light sensor, heat sensor, pressure sensor, bend sensor, tilt sensor, etc), what parameters in OLGA would you assign to the six? what type of sensor would you use?

*remember, you could of course SET and or AUTOMATE the remaining parameters in OLGA, so it’s not like you can ONLY use 6. but what 6 would you find most useful and in what form in a dedicated hardware unit??

the reason i ask is because i’m on a big Midisense kick right now, a build your own midi controller project
i built one and it’s going really well. it’s a dedicated controller for my jjos2 sampler.
i’ll be building at least 2 more, 1 solely for Olga, which i love, and another for fun, as a joke alarm system using infrared

would love to hear your thoughts, everybody