Poll : What's your favorite Olga Clutter?

What’s your favorite Olga Clutter?

  • Puff - The Ashtray
  • Lick - The Lolly
  • Quack - The Musical Duck
  • Pluck - The Reaper Plectrums
  • Scrawl - The numbers of schwa
  • Plug - The Earplugs
  • Grog - Where’s the bar?

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Many thanks to all of you who’ve been so helpfully giving your feedback on technical issues lately, its all been very useful and much appreciated. Perhaps now it is time to address more important issues, starting with the weightiest subject of all …what’s your favorite Olga Clutter?

I love all the Olga Clutter so much I can’t decide which to use!

where is MIDI learn in Olga?

Olga has a fairly complete MIDI CC implementation. Read page 13 of the manual.

MIDI Learn is typically handled at the host level, not the plugin, In my experience.

Glad you like it. :neutral_face:


Fairly complete you say… I think that’s flattering because there is no convenient way to assign a physical control on your hardware surface to a control on the Olga GUI - The user has to mess about ensuring the hardware surface is sending the correct MIDI CC. This is very archaic.

I’m not bitching, I’m just giving you honest feedback. Rob Papen synths, N.I. synths, Korg Legacy collection, all GMedia softsynths, Audiorealism Bassline all provide a MIDI learn feature in the VSTi itself, where you enter the synth into learn mode, move the control on your hardware surface and the mapping is performed automatically. Thereby the user does not need to waste time adjusting the hardware surface just to accommodate the soft synth. This is far more intuitive than wrestling with the CC message sends on a hardware setup, trying to ensure the right code is being sent by the right control. In all the examples mentioned, the so-called ‘MIDI Learn’ feature is an integral part of the VSTi not the DAW contrary to what you say scott.

But back to the clutter!

I think if the sound of Olga hadn’t ‘forced’ me to purchase my first VSTi (well first bought VST at all) then the ash tray would almost certainly have done the job. Didn’t notice that the clutter was assignable at first. Scrolling through the presets and I suddenly saw the clutter changing,

So white tie, when do we see a bong or a chillum up there? :smiley: Any good trance producer (well psytrance at any rate) should feel quite at home with that .

What could also be quite fun, a picture frame with a use selectable image, eg the girlfirend, kids dogs etc. So when the misses complains that Olga is taking all my time, I can show her that I have her photo on top of my synth :wink: