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Hi there,

I am very excited about the Stillwell and Schwa plug-ins having read a review of them in Audio Technology magazine. However I have experienced a problem. I use Sonar (Producer)- currently v6 but will upgrade to v8 soon. I also have a UAD card and use its plugs quite a bit. I have tried installing 1973 and vibe EQ and then running the plug-in manager in Sonar. The plug shows up fine but any projects that I subsequently open are screwy. By that I mean the timing of some tracks are out of whack with others and the overall result is that the sound is garbled. I suspect but have not confirmed that it is a problem that is a conflict between UAD plugs and the 1973. The same problem occurs if I use Vibe EQ and for that matter an install of all of the Schwa/Stillwell plugs caused the same problem. I have had to use system restore to get back to my pre-Stillwell/Schwa install position and my projects now play fine. I have tried this a few times including re-booting after install and plug scan but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced the same issue with a Sonar 6 set up?

Hope someone out there can help.


Well, I’ve used my plugs (including 1973) in many projects along with both UAD1 and UAD2 plugins of various versions with no issues at all. 1973 and Vibe EQ both have zero latency, so I’m not sure what could be causing the delay. If something’s screwing up, it sure shouldn’t be my plugins. They are statically linked, and so require no external libraries that could conflict with other programs (DLL Hell). If you can make a project screw up WITHOUT using any of my plugins just because you installed them, then something else is going on. If you don’t USE my plugins, they aren’t loaded into memory, and the Nullsoft installer that I use is pretty darned plain-vanilla.

Did you download the plugins directly from our website? If you downloaded them somewhere else, there’s no telling what could be wrong, and my first suggestion would be to re-download them directly from our website.

I don’t have Sonar here, but if you can post the smallest possible project with media that reproduces the problem, I’ll see if I can find someone local to help me test it.



Thanks Scott. I downloaded them from your site. I will download one afresh and try again. If I still get the same problem, I will give you a couple of samples of good and bad songs. Thanks for getting back so quickly. Stay tuned!

Hi Scott and anyone else who is reading.

I downloaded 1973 afresh and still have the same problem.

I have been working on this intensely and I have reached the conclusion that this is a UAD issue. I believe it is related to the presence of different versions of UAD drivers on my system (my fault).

I think that the scan I have been running after I install 1973 has ‘revealed’ the problem because I am asking the Sonar VST plug-in tool to scan a folder that contains both the 1973 dll and some UAD dll’s (even though they are the latest version that I have installed) which appear in another folder which is also being scanned…

The solution is not as simple as re-installing the UAD drivers and dlls because that leaves me with UAD plug instances that Sonar cannot find. SThat is weird because I would have thought that Sonar was looking at the other drivers in a different folder. I haven’t quite worked out why this is so yet.

I think that to fix my problem, I have to save my presets and then reinstall UAD and then rescan and then go to each track of each song and replug the UAD effect and then load the relevant preset.

I think that is the answer but won’t know until I do it - it will take a while.

What a pain.

Anyway sorry about the long post but I thought it might help someone some time.

I’ll post when I have an outcome.


Hi Scott and others,

I have solved my “delay” issue with UAD plugs but still cannot get to see or use your plugs in my projects. The problem is with Sonar code and not your plugs and it seems that it might be that each instance of this problem with Sonar v6 (which is what I have) will “exclude” different plug-ins. In my case it is yours which is a bummer.

See my post on the Sonar forum -

Thanks for reading.