Schope and Digital Performer 5.13

Hello all.

I see this question has been beaten to death, so apologies for asking one more time. Did a search, no answers, BTW.

I am using Digital Performer 5.13 and for the life of me can’t see how to get audio to Inputs 3 and 4.

Sidechain drop down menu? Where is it? Another method of side chaining? How? Quad tracks? I don’t think they exist in DP…

Again, Schwa-Master, sorry for this redundant question. And thanks for the help with your fantastic products.


I don’t currently have Schope installed on my Mac, but yes, the Sidechain inputs are considered inputs 3&4 for Schope. You will probably have to set up a new bundle/buss in order to route signal to the sidechain.


Hey Scott. Thanks for the help.

This is exactly my dumb question here. :blush:

What and where exactly are these Sindechain inputs? Am I supposed to be seeing a dropdown menu inside of the Schope plug itself? Because I do not see anything at all.

(I am a DP veteran and know about bundles, busses and such, so my question is not about basic DP routing and such, I just cannot see any kind of Sidechain in the plug…)


The sidechain shows up in the DP header above the plugin when a plugin supports additional inputs. 5.13 may not have it (I don’t have it installed anywhere at the moment)…I know it’s present in DP6 and 7.

Ahh…at least according to Sound on Sound ( … p_0109.htm ), DP5 and prior did not have the ability to sidechain. Bummer.


At least I’m not crazy, then, eh? :slight_smile:

So, bottom line is one running DP 5.13 is relegated to Inputs 1 and 2.

I wonder if there’s a way to do it through Plogue’s Bidule somehow…