schOPE in Digital Performer 6

Hello, all!

I’ve been doing some troubleshooting to find out how to use Schope in Digital Performer 6 on Mac. My setup includes both a G5 mac and an Intel mac, but so far I have done testing only on the G5.

Here is what I’ve done to get Schope working: this may be an idiosyncrasy for my particular setup or it may be the only way to work it: YMMV but I hope this helps the developer troubleshoot the issues and helps other DP users make use of this excellent visualization tool.

  1. Create a pair of stereo busses. I labeled mine “Scope 1” and “Scope 2”
  2. Create an AUX track with “Scope 1” as input and any stereo output you want. (In my particular case I didn’t want any audio which may pass through Scope to affect the output, so I routed the output of the Scope AUX track to a monitor bus with its hardware output turned off.)
  3. Instantiate Schope in the AUX track as “Schope (stereo)” NOTE! Schope (mono) does NOT work at all and will throw an error in Digital Performer. Schope (mono to stereo) works but doesn’t give you control over all four channels
  4. Set the “Side Chain” drop-down menu of Schope to “Scope 2” (or whatever you called your second stereo buss)
  5. Using channel sends, you can now send any audio track to either Scope 1 or Scope 2. The send controls will add a pan pot when you do so since these two channels are stereo busses. Panning your first signal hard left puts it into Schope’s “channel 1”, second signal to hard right is “channel 2,” then you can use Schope’s channel 3 and 4 by doing the same panning but sending to Scope 2 instead.
  6. IMPORTANT! On my system, at least, Schope’s rotary controls do not respond to mouse clicks, but DO respond to scroll wheel events while hovering over them. All other controls appear to be working as normal

So the main issues I see are that the plugin only works in (stereo) mode, and the rotary controllers (mode, offset, fft size, etc.) don’t respond to mouse clicks but only to scroll wheel input.

Hope this helps someone else!

Hello all.

I am using DP 5.13.

I am afraid I do not see any kind of “Side chain drop down menu” the OP referred to in his point #4.

Can I get a bit of help on how to get audio to Inputs #3 and #4 using DP 5.13?



Hi, Chris!

I just responded to your PM. Basically, I believe Digital Performer 5 doesn’t have the Sidechain input drop-down menu: that was a new feature of DP 6. See my PM for how to get this to work at least for two channels!


Correct. DP 5 does not have sidechain, and thus can’t use all four channels of schope.