OSX? maybe?

Just wondering if Schope will ever be ported to OSX AU? It looks intriguing and unlike anything else I’m aware of in AU-land.
I’m sure working on new stuff is more fun, but this one (most of the not-yet-ported ones for that matter) could be useful if you have extra time.

Yes pleeeaaase release this as a Mac OSX VST plugin, it seems to be so useful!!!


yup, OSX Version of Schope would be great, any news about that?


It’s done! We’re just putting a short manual together, Schope 1.5 will be out within a few days: more convenient, more efficient, prettier, Windows and OSX.

Right on! Looking forward to checking it out.



Hot off the press … give it a try.


Schope displays up to 4 input channels simulaneously, which means some hosts will consider it sidechainable, which can cause some tricksiness in some hosts. Please let me know if you see any compatibility problems!

Didn’t try it out yet but just one comment: the txt file in the VST archive for Mac refers to the AU version :wink:

Unfortunately loading it in a quatro FX Channel in Cubase crashes the host… :frowning:

This is Cubase OSX, right?

I’ve pulled the OSX schOPE builds off the server while I get the multichannel hosts problems sorted. I hope to have everything fixed by later today. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yes it’s Cubase 4.5.2 on Mac 10.5.5

But I found something interesting: it worked when I loaded it in an empty project. And on the project I tried it on in the first place, it worked on a quatro group (as opposed to FX channel), but then could be dragged from the group to the FX channel and worked. Maybe something wrong with my project only and not with the plugin.

OK. Sorry for the stutter step!

The AU and OSX VST builds have been re-released. If you downloaded before, please re-download, and let me know how things work out. We’ve tested the OSX builds on Logic, Digital Performer, and Live.


Seems to be working here :slight_smile:
I’m testing it at the moment, pretty cool! If I could dare to propose an improvement (in my point of view, might not be taken as such by others), make a “gain” knob or small slider with each channel (I know we could just send “louder” but it’s less practical, and sometimes just impossible unless sending less of the others, and even so). Also I’d love the offset button to be more precise, maybe when scrolling with the shift key engaged (and if we could even enter values it would slay).
So far so good though, congratulations on this plugin the idea is great really useful!

Thanks. It’s looking good in REAPER, but isn’t working at all in Digital Performer 6.01. Appears in the plug-in list, can be inserted on a stereo track but no plugin window appears. Clicking to insert does nothing. On a mono track, similar error message to what The Rocket and Major Tom are giving(MAS error). Doesn’t appear on quad bus plug-in list.
I know DP6.01 is giving you guys some grief, just reporting what I’m seeing.
In the Time mode, can offsets be read in samples instead of/ in addition to milliseconds?

I’ve found a way to get Schope working in Digital Performer 6. here is a link to the solution that worked for me.


I’m experiencing the same problem as “silent e.” Digital Performer 6.02 on OS X 10.5.6. Tried on a G5, not yet on my Intel Mac.

The plugin is erratic: it will sometimes instantiate and display a waveform, sometimes it will display TWO waveforms but I have no idea where it’s getting the data for number two. Sometimes it will fail to instantiate with a “AU handler event error 0” from Digital Performer. Sometimes it will show a window with no graphics and with an unresponsive UI… that randomly will accept some input then go back to not responding to anything.

This looks like a fantastic plug-in: any suggestions for getting it to work with DP?

Many thanks!