REQUEST: Fix default values of some controls


I’d like to request to change the default values of some controls, i.e. the value one obtains by double-clicking the fader or knob control:

  • Osc1/2 transpose fader: this really should default to 0 (i.e. centered). Right now setting it to 0 is especially annoying since there is no snap to center like other controls have.
  • F.Scale should default to center
  • Effect mix (phaser <-> chorus) pot should default to center (=dry)

Maybe I have missed other controls with similar odd behavior, but in general, I think each control should default to the most neutral setting. Thanks and keep up the good work,


All very good calls : those Osc and Effects mix suggestions sounds very wise indeed to me. The F Scale I would say its debatable whether 1 is the ‘best’ default, but since its dead easy to precisely stick it to 0 (just turn the knob all the way down) it would also be a very helpful thing. Good thinking sir!

I find myself setting transpose levels by playing a note and then wiggling it till it sounds right. Not recommended if there’s anyone else in the studio at the time :slight_smile:

Don’t forget (PC Users) you can right click on a control to type in an exact value.